562.8F4/12a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador to the Norwegian Government in Exile (Biddle), at London

3. Norwegian Series No. 20. From Cumming. At Norwegian Foreign Minister’s luncheon which you and I attended, Professor Bergersen11 offered to prepare an informal memorandum setting forth his views on Whaling Conference which he would send me through you. If you see no objection, would appreciate your getting in touch with Bergersen informally and saying that both Dr. Kellogg12 and I hope to receive this memorandum at earliest possible moment. Any recent indication Norwegian Government’s official views would also be useful. [Cumming.]

  1. Birger Bergersen, Norwegian whaling expert.
  2. Remington Kellogg, Curator of Mammals of the National Museum, Smithsonian Institution.