662.8F4/1: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant )

3281. British Embassy has advised Department that British Government proposes to convene, this month if possible, an informal conference under the chairmanship of the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to discuss the question of making certain amendments of a technical nature to the 1937 Whaling Agreement.

Department desires that Hugh S. Cumming, Jr.,4 attend conference and that John M. Allison5 act as Mr. Cumming’s assistant. Please reply by telegraph whether this arrangement is satisfactory to the Embassy. The Department will transmit detailed instructions by air mail or if necessary by telegraph.6

Inquire informally of Foreign Office as to exact date conference may be held. As time will be needed to complete preparation for conference Department hopes date is not earlier than June 10.

  1. Assistant Chief of the Division of European Affairs, in London in connection with the Anglo-Swedish-United States war trade negotiations.
  2. Second Secretary of Embassy in the United Kingdom.
  3. Instructions of June 7, 1943, not printed; see later instructions of December 28, p. 1141.