The Secretary of State to the Chinese Ambassador (Wei)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to His Excellency the Chinese Ambassador and has the honor to refer to the memorandum which was handed to the Ambassador on September 4, 194333 [Page 1118] pertaining to proposed discussions of the economic objectives of Article VII of the Mutual-Aid Agreement of June 2, 1942 between the Government of China and the Government of the United States.34

There is enclosed in this connection a copy of a memorandum entitled “Bases of Our Program for International Economic Cooperation” with an attachment entitled “Memorandum Concerning the Washington Meeting Between British and American Economic Experts with Reference to Article VII of the Mutual-Aid Agreement”.35

There is also enclosed a copy of a memorandum entitled “Joint Action for Assistance to Other Countries”36 which relates chiefly to the possible establishment of an international lending agency. It is understood that this subject has been discussed by officials of the United States Treasury Department with appropriate representatives of the Chinese Government in Washington.

The above-mentioned memoranda were submitted at the recent Moscow Conference. They have not been made public and are for the confidential information of the Chinese Government. Copies are also being made available by the American Embassy to the Chinese Ambassador at Moscow.

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