840.50/3228: Telegram

The Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman ) to the Secretary of State

1950. The Counselor of Chinese Embassy told Hamilton29 that in recent conversation between Chinese Ambassador and British Ambassador, there came up question of international economic collaboration [Page 1116] as considered at the Moscow Conference.30 When the Chinese Ambassador asked to see document presented to Conference on this subject, British Ambassador said that that was a United States document. Chinese Ambassador has asked whether a copy of the United States document may be made available to him for his information and study. It is assumed that then what the Chinese Ambassador desires to see are the statement of the Secretary on “joint action for assistance to other countries” and memorandum of the Secretary on “bases of our program for international economic cooperation” with attached memorandum concerning Washington meeting between American and British economic experts with reference to article VII of Mutual Aid Agreement.

In view of the Chinese Ambassador’s request I believe that it would be advisable to make document[s] in question available to him, especially as they relate to general principles of United States economic policy which presumably have been discussed already to some extent by officers of Department with officers of Chinese Embassy in Washington.31

Instructions are requested.

  1. Maxwell Hamilton, Counselor of Embassy at Moscow with honorary rank of Minister.
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