The British Chargé (Campbell) to the Secretary of State


His Majesty’s Chargé d’Affaires presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and, with reference to the Embassy Aide-Mémoire of August 31st, has the honour to inform Mr. Hull that the United Kingdom Delegation will be led by the Right Honourable Richard K. Law, M.P., Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

2. Sir Ronald Campbell has also the honour to transmit to Mr. Hull herewith for his information the substance of a telegram which has been sent by Mr. Eden to His Majesty’s Ambassadors at Moscow and Chungking24 with regard to the exploratory talks between representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom Governments envisaged by Article VII of the Mutual Aid Agreement.

[United States and United Kingdom economic experts held informal discussions at Washington with reference to article VII of the Mutual-Aid Agreement, ending on October 18, 1943, at which the following general topics were explored: (1) Commercial policy, (2) international commodity arrangements, (3) cartels, and (4) coordination of measures to promote employment. For a summary of these discussions, see page 766.]

  1. Not printed.