800.515/612: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Winant)

2537. From Secretary of the Treasury to Casaday. Your 2648, April 15.

It is planned to meet separately with representatives of each government for technical discussions on international monetary cooperation. Such separate discussions will probably be interspersed with group meetings of American technical experts with the experts of several countries together.
Conversations with the representatives of some countries are now being held and we should like to complete the bilateral exploratory discussions before beginning informal group meetings of experts which are to be held if possible early in May. At the group meetings of experts who have come to Washington, it is expected to summarize and synthesize the views that have been expressed on the various proposals submitted. These informal meetings of experts should not be confused with a formal conference of Finance Ministers which will be called for a later date if an adequate area of agreement emerges from the discussions among the experts.
Finance Ministers have been asked to send technically qualified men for the discussions on international monetary cooperation.

Please inquire of the Finance Ministers of the various governments in exile except the French National Committee when their representatives may be expected in Washington for these discussions. The Netherlands representative has already arrived. [Morgenthau.]