Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Secretary of State (Acheson)

Participants: Mr. L. B. Pearson, Minister Counselor of the Canadian Legation
Mr. Noel Hall, British Minister
Mr. Dean Acheson

Mr. Pearson and Mr. Hall called at Mr. Pearson’s request. Mr. Pearson handed me the attached letter45 and gave Mr. Hall a similar one.

He then inquired as to how the Canadian Government’s attitude should be brought to the attention of the other two United Nations and as to how the points made in the letter should be officially recorded. I suggested to Mr. Pearson that the matter might be left for the time being in this way: At my next meeting with the three Ambassadors, which I hoped would take place shortly, we could read Mr. Pearson’s letter and record it in the minutes of the meeting. The minutes could also record the understanding that the representatives of the four countries upon the central committee would use their best efforts to have the Canadian representative on the Supplies Committee designated as the Chairman. As to the other points made in Mr. Pearson’s letter, the Canadian Government indicated that it wished to make certain observations when the draft agreement was officially communicated to it, and at that time it could mention the points referred to as well. Mr. Pearson said that such procedure would, he thought, be satisfactory; and I told him that I would report this suggestion to the Secretary for his decision.

Dean Acheson
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