The Soviet Ambassador ( Litvinov ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Acheson )

Dear Mr. Acheson: I am sending you herewith in writing my Government’s remarks on the latest amendments to the draft agreement on Relief and Rehabilitation.

I am at your disposal to discuss these remarks at any time convenient for you.

Yours sincerely,

Maxim Litvinoff
[Page 884]

Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, Draft No. 2

New Amendments Suggested by the Soviet Government 36

Article 1.

Before the word “responsibility” to insert “complete or partial”. Instead of the word “authorized” to say “planned”.

Article 3 paragraph 4.

After the words “shall consist” to insert “of representatives of the governments members of the Central Committee”.

Article 3 paragraph 5.

To omit the last sentence “The committee of the Council for Europe shall take over”, etc.

Article 4 paragraph 4.

After the words “under the provisions of Article 3” to insert “and two deputies for the committee of the Council for Europe (such deputies to be chosen from the European countries members of the Central Committee).”

  1. The texts referred to for article 3 are apparently those given in the enclosure to the note of January 16 to the British, Chinese, and Soviet Ambassadors, p. 858. The texts referred to for articles 1 and 4 have not been identified.