The Minister Counselor of the Canadian Legation (Pearson) to the Assistant Secretary of State (Acheson)

Dear Mr. Acheson: With further reference to discussions now proceeding on a United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Organization, the Canadian position in this matter has been further reviewed by the Government in Ottawa, who have instructed me to inform you that they will not find it possible to participate in the activities of the proposed Organization unless Canada is afforded in some way a position in the direction of its work which is commensurate with the contribution to international relief which Canada will undoubtedly be expected to make. It is pointed out that necessary support from the Canadian people for this undertaking could not be maintained if Canada did not have an appropriate and effective share in the direction of the policy of the Organization.

I would be grateful if these views of the Canadian Government could be brought to the attention of the interested United States authorities.

Yours sincerely,

L. B. Pearson