The Soviet Embassy to the Department of State


As previously stated, the Soviet Government accepts in principle the American draft agreement of August 13 on Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, as well as the modifications and additions laid down in the memorandum of January 16. The Soviet Government is also prepared to meet the desires of the United States Government with regard to Paragraph 4 of Article 3 on the Supply Committee and Paragraph 6 of Article 3 on Regional and Standing Committees. It is however, regarded desirable to emphasize the control of the Policy Committee over the Supply Committee. With this object in view it is suggested that in Paragraph 4 of Article 3 after the words “sources of supply to areas of need” the following is inserted: [Page 869]

“Such policies to be carried out under the control and with the approval of the Policy Committee.”

The suggested additions to Paragraphs 1 and 5 of Article 4 concerning the activities of the Director General are accepted.

The Soviet Government continues to attach great importance to the additions proposed to Article I as formulated in the memorandum of the Soviet Embassy of December 29. It is not intended to extend this formula to enemy countries, which is a question deserving special consideration.

The Soviet Government has not changed its attitude with regard to the number of members of the Policy Committee, which in its opinion should be limited to four, as originally suggested in the American draft.