840.50/1136: Telegram

The Chargé in the United Kingdom ( Matthews ) to the Secretary of State

583. 1. The Embassy has been informed of a communication sent on December 30, by Brazilian Ambassador to Foreign Office concerning question of Brazil associating itself with post-war relief work. Sir Frederick Leith-Ross15 in his covering letter to Embassy enclosing a copy of this note remarks inter alia:

“You will notice that the note is dated December 9, and that there is no mention of instructions from the Brazilian Government, so that it looks as if the Brazilian Embassy was acting on its own initiative.”

2. Text of Brazilian note sent to Foreign Office is being sent simultaneously with this message in part 1 of Embassy’s telegram no. 584, January 21.16

3. Leith-Ross has drafted a reply for Foreign Office to be sent to Brazilian Ambassador.17 Before transmitting it to Foreign Office Leith-Ross would appreciate having any comments Department may care to offer. The Leith-Ross text is given in part 2 of Embassy’s telegram no. 584, January 21.

4. The Argentine Ambassador has also twice approached Leith-Ross asking for information about post-war relief problems and the possibility of Argentina being associated with the work. Leith-Ross states that he has “so far stalled them off”. He feels however that should the Brazilians be represented or send an “observer” to meetings of inter-Allied committee, the Argentine Ambassador will again raise the question.

  1. Chairman, Inter-Allied Committee on Post-War Requirements.
  2. Not printed.
  3. The British reply contained the proposal that the Brazilian Government be represented at the meetings of the Inter-Allied Committee on Post-War Requirements by an observer (840.50/1202).