740.0011 Moscow/317

The Adviser on Political Relations (Dunn) to the British Minister (Campbell)

My Dear Sir Ronald: I have received your note of December 22 on the subject of the consideration of the agreements between the British and American Governments with the Norwegian Government with respect to Civil Affairs in Norway connected with combined Anglo-American military operations in that country.

Some days ago the Secretary received a telegram from Ambassador Winant stating that Sir William Strang had suggested that the draft texts of the agreements with the Norwegian Government be placed before the European Advisory Commission for their consideration. The Secretary of State in his reply to Ambassador Winant stated that the proposal to place these agreements on the agenda of the opening meeting of the European Advisory Commission did not harmonize with the views of this Government with regard to the jurisdiction of the Commission.

The Secretary realizes that there may have been some mention of this subject at the Moscow Conference though he does not recall any particular reference to the Norwegian Agreement, and he realizes that the conversation on the question of referring the statement on liberated [Page 819] areas to the Commission was rather general. In any event, as far as his own remarks are concerned, the Secretary had in mind only referring the proposed British statement on liberated areas to the Advisory Commission.

The Secretary has telegraphed his views on this subject to Mr. Winant in reply to his telegram referred to above.

Very sincerely yours,

James Clement Dunn