740.0011 Moscow/317

The British Minister ( Campbell ) to the Adviser on Political Relations ( Dunn )

Dear Jimmie: You will remember that during a discussion of Item 14 of the Agenda of the Moscow Conference (policy regarding Allied territory liberated through the advance of Allied forces),32 Mr. Eden alluded to certain preliminary negotiations with the Norwegian, Netherlands and Belgian Governments. On the proposal of Mr. Hull this question was referred to the European Advisory Commission (see secret protocol of the Conference under Item 14 of the Agenda33). The Foreign Office tell us that Sir William Strang and Mr. Winant are anxious that the European Advisory Commission should make a good start by taking up a question on which it should be possible to reach an agreed recommendation without difficulty. For this purpose they contemplate that the Commission might start its work with a discussion of comprehensive policy in liberated Norwegian territory and consider in particular the draft agreement with the Norwegian Government, which as you know has received the approval of the United States Government and the Combined Chiefs of Staff.

It is therefore suggested that as the question of civil affairs in Norway is primarily connected with combined Anglo-American operations, the British and American representatives on the Commission might circulate formally to the Commission the text of the draft Norwegian agreement, under cover of a note which would explain how the agreement came into being, summarise the main principles on which it has been based, and explain that although the agreement has been kept as a draft pending the clearance of its principles by the Commission, it is important that it should be definitely concluded at an early date so as to provide a firm basis for operational planning by the Anglo-American Command.

The Foreign Office would like to know as soon as possible if you approve the above procedure. If you agree, they propose to instruct the British Ambassador in Moscow34 to communicate the text to the Soviet Government at the same time, to provide a check on any translation or summary which the Soviet representative on the European Advisory Commission may telegraph to his Government.

Yours ever,

R. I. Campbell
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