740.00119 MPC/2: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers ( Wiley ) to the Secretary of State

1667. From Murphy. Following the announcement that the American representative had been appointed to the Mediterranean Council, Massigli has inquired regarding the status of this organization and when the French Committee of National Liberation will be invited to participate as he understood was envisaged. He said that of course no French appointment could be made to the Council until the Committee had been notified of its constitution and of its terms of reference. He also inquired whether the Council would discuss matters relating to the Italian armistice, the long terms of which have been communicated in confidence by the British to the French, or whether this would be done through the Allied Commission established under the armistice.

He was informed that we were still without instructions in this respect but would endeavor to obtain an early reply to these questions. I should welcome any information regarding the present status of the composition of the Council particularly as I understand that the Russian member is reported to be en route to Algiers and is expected to arrive here very shortly. [Murphy.]