740.00119 MPC/32

Memorandum by the Adviser on Political Relations ( Dunn ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Berle )

Mr. Berle: Yesterday the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy, Dr. Liu,28 came in to convey the request of the Chinese Government for membership on the Mediterranean Commission. Dr. Liu said that while the Chinese Government had no thought of entering in any great detail in matters dealing with the local Italian situation or with local situations in the Mediterranean, his Government wanted very much to keep up representation on bodies and committees which dealt with the general war situation, particularly when political matters were involved which might affect the general world situation.

I told Dr. Liu that this request would be brought to the attention of the higher authorities of the Government.

I pointed out to Dr. Liu that in the complete terms and conditions of surrender to be imposed upon the Italian Government as a result of Italian unconditional surrender, provision is made for an Allied Control Commission29 which would be composed of American and British members. This Commission is provided for the purpose of executing [Page 791] the terms of the unconditional surrender. I explained that there is every intention of making further provision for access to that Control Commission by the United Nations Governments in any form they may find convenient to them in order that the interests of each of the United Nations will be taken care of in connection with the execution of the Italian armistice terms and conditions. I said that this Control Commission had not yet been set up as the Italian situation, by reason of the military operations, was in a fluid state at the moment, but that as soon as matters developed to that point provision would be made for the Chinese Government to express its interest in the situation in that way.

I further pointed out that the Secretary of State in his press conference of September 22, 1943, had himself mentioned to the correspondents that the Chinese Government would be kept fully informed with regard to the proceedings of the Mediterranean Commission. Dr. Liu thereupon repeated the request of the Chinese Government for representation on the Mediterranean Commission even though there might be provision for access to the Control Commission as stated above.

I am attaching a copy of a telegram received from the American Embassy in Rio de Janeiro30 transmitting a request of the Brazilian Foreign Minister for Brazilian representation in the Mediterranean Commission. You will note that attached to this copy is a memorandum from the President31 asking for the Secretary’s opinion with regard to this Brazilian request.

You may wish to clear both of these requests with the President.

James Clement Dunn
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