740.0011 Moscow/45: Telegram

The American Delegation to the Acting Secretary of State

Delam39 No. 10. Personal for the President and Acting Secretary from the Secretary of State. (Reference Delam No. 940) The telegram sent last evening giving an account of the proceedings of yesterday did not make fully clear the attitude I maintained throughout the conversation constantly and invariably from the standpoint of our Government regarding the absolute necessity of having China included in the Four Nation Interim Agreement. I made an elaborate appeal to Molotov in private conversation in addition to the discussions during the meeting of the Conference. When I decided that he might discuss the Chinese matter for almost an indefinite time, I felt that it would place us in a stronger position with reference to the Chinese Government matter if we should go forward and perfect the document so that Mr. Molotov would be committed to all the doctrines and policies embraced in the document while holding it solely on account of China. This was the course I pursued. Naturally we will agree to no three nation declaration in any circumstances in accordance with our understanding before I left home. [Hull.]

  1. The designation assigned to a series of telegrams from the American delegation to the Department of State; they were transmitted by the Embassy in Moscow, but the Embassy numbers and the Ambassador’s signatures are being omitted.
  2. Not printed.