740.0011 Moscow/39v: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Delegation

1025. Amdel 25. For the Secretary. On October 16 Dr. Soong,13 Minister for Foreign Affairs, asked Ambassador Gauss14 to inform the Secretary that China is in complete agreement with the American draft of the proposed joint four power declaration; that in case the Three Power Conference gives consideration to any modifications of the American draft China asks that we consult her; and that China hopes that we will inform her from time to time of negotiations at the Three Power Conference when this matter is discussed.15 Dr. Soong also told Ambassador Gauss that he had received the proposed British redraft of the declaration.

  1. T. V. Soong, Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Clarence E. Gauss, American Ambassador in China.
  3. For correspondence relating to assistance by the United States in securing admission of China as a signatory of the Four-Power Declaration, see Foreign Relations, 1943, China, pp. 819 ff.