740.0011 Moscow/22: Telegram

The Chargé in the Soviet Union (Hamilton) to the Secretary of State

1635. For Byington4 from McDermott.5 Following announcement agreed upon by three Governments and released at 11 p.m. Moscow time.

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“The United States Secretary of State, Mr. Cordell Hull, and the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Anthony Eden, arrived at Moscow on the 18th of October. Mr. Hull was accompanied by Mr. W. Averell Harriman, Ambassador designate of the United States to the Soviet Union; Mr. Green Hackworth, Legal Adviser of the Department of State; Mr. James C. Dunn, Political Adviser of the Department of State, General John R. Deane, USA. Mr. Eden was accompanied by Mr. W. Strang, Assistant Under Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, and Lieutenant General Sir H. L. Ismay, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Defence.

Mr. Hull and Mr. Eden and the officials accompanying them were met at the airport by the People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs, V. M. Molotov; the Deputy People’s Commissars for Foreign Affairs, Mr. V. G. Dekanosov and Mr. M. M. Litvinov; by the Deputy Commissar for Foreign Trade, M. S. Stepanov; Colonel General F. I. Golikov; the Vice President of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Soviet, M. A. Yasnov; the Commandant of the City of Moscow, Major General K. R. Sinilov; and the following officials oi the Commissariat for Foreign Affairs: K. V. Novikov, G. N. Zarubin, F. I. Gomin and the Chief of the Foreign Liaison section of the People’s Commissariat for Defense, Major General V. N. Evstigneev.

There were present at the airport the British Ambassador to the USSR, Sir Archibald Clark Kerr; the Canadian Minister, Mr. A. Dana Wilgress; the United States Chargé d’Affaires, Mr. M. Hamilton; the Australian Chargé d’Affaires, Mr. Keith Officer, and members of the United States and British Embassies and of the British Military Mission. A special guard of honor was present at the airport which was decorated with the flags of Great Britain, the United States and the USSR.”

Secretary Hull issued following statement upon arrival:

“It gives me special satisfaction to visit Moscow, the capital of a great country united with my own in a common cause. I also have the pleasing opportunity of returning the visit to Washington of the People’s Commissar of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Molotov, and I am looking forward to the conversations with him and Mr. Eden.”

Eden issued following at same time:

“I am very happy to come back to Moscow for this conference and to have this opportunity of returning the visit paid by M. Molotov to London last year. I much look forward to the coming discussions with him and Mr. Hull.”

It was decided by the three Foreign Ministers not to make the other names public at this time. [McDermott.]

  1. Homer M. Byington, Assistant Chief, Division of Current Information.
  2. Michael J. McDermott, Chief of the Division of Current Information and member of the American delegation at the Moscow Conference.