740.00119 European War 1939/1926a

The Assistant Secretary of State ( Berle ) to the Assistant Chief of Staff, G–2 ( Strong )

My Dear General Strong: You were good enough to send to the Department a copy of Colonel Solborg’s secret and personal letter dated September 14, 1943 to General Hayes A. Kroner. This related to a conversation held between Colonel Solborg and the Counselor to the Hungarian Legation at Lisbon, Alexander de Hollan, relating to the possible surrender of Hungary and ensuing cooperation from the Hungarian Army with the Allied forces, once these are within negotiable distance.

It is suggested that you give the following directives to Colonel Solborg in the event of further approaches through the channels established there:

The information conveyed to the Military Attaché through the Hungarian official has been brought to the attention of responsible American quarters.
The question of Hungary is among those receiving the continuing attention of the Government of the United States in consultation with the governments of its principal Allies.
An offer of unconditional surrender addressed to the three principal Allies through a fully authorized representative of the Hungarian Government is the only form of proposal which may be expected to receive serious consideration. The Military Attaché need not refuse to receive further approaches through the channels established in Lisbon for the purpose of receiving any communications along this line which the Hungarian Government may wish to make.
The Allies, meanwhile, are taking careful note of the continued participation of Hungary in the prosecution of the war against Russia, as well as all phases of Hungarian collaboration with Germany and, in general, any actions hostile to the Allied cause or principles.
The Military Attaché should be informed that other approaches along more or less the same lines as those conducted by de Hollan are being made in various quarters.

Sincerely yours,

Adolf A. Berle, Jr.