740.00119 European War 1939/1358: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain ( Hayes ) to the Secretary of State

W7. Argentine Ambassador has given me following additional details on subject of my W6, March 21. Rumanian Minister has just returned from Bucharest. He had been charged to contact Portuguese and Argentine Ambassadors by Antonescu5 who had been with Hitler at latter’s headquarters (apparently only 2 weeks ago). Antonescu had had lengthy conversations with Hitler on whose behalf he gave Rumanian Minister his instructions.

Hitler is a changed man. He no longer thinks it possible for Germany to win the war. However, Germany still bulwarks against communism which in event of German defeat would engulf Europe. Hitler asks understanding from United States and Britain. He will agree to restore all conquered territories including Poland to prewar boundaries but will want part of Ukraine under protectorate. Peace would be guaranteed by united force of Germans and Anglo-Saxons.

Argentine Ambassador said he inquired what would be done with Hitler. Minister said he would have to stay. He had done such marvelous work in Germany. German people had confidence in him and were solidly behind him.

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Ambassador replied he had no idea we would deal with Hitler and that his own Government would not look favorably on dealings with Hitler.

I told Ambassador I would transmit his message but that I could tell him in advance the answer would be no.

Rumanian Minister told Ambassador in passing that Rumanian casualties have been 50 percent, that Russians have new guns better than those supplied by Germans and that Rumania is at the end of its ropes.

  1. Jon Antonescu, Rumanian Chief of State.