711.62114 Sick/29

The Swiss Minister ( Bruggmann ) to the Secretary of State 20

Ref. No. VIII–N

The Minister of Switzerland in charge of German interests presents his compliments to the Honorable the Secretary of State and has the honor to refer to his note of August 6 transmitting a reply from the American Government to the proposal made by the German Government with regard to the repatriation of seriously sick and seriously wounded prisoners of war.

The text of a new note from the German Government has just been received by urgent cable and reads in translation as follows:

Primo: The German Government agrees that the proposal contained in the German note of May 13 (i. e. note of May 17 from the [Page 69] Chargé d’Affaires ad interim21) with respect to the mutual repatriation of seriously wounded and seriously sick prisoners of war be extended to the protected personnel, in conformity with Chapter 3 of the Geneva Convention of July 27, 1929. It is likewise agreeable, in accordance with the British and American proposal, to increase to ten per one thousand prisoners the number of such protected personnel which may be retained for the purpose of medical attention and care for the prisoners of war.

Secundo: The American prisoners of war have not up to now been brought before the mixed medical commission. Until such time as the mixed medical commission can act, they will be examined by German physicians concerning their qualifications for the repatriation.

Tertio: The German Government desires assurance that seriously wounded and seriously sick Germans in North Africa, who are qualified for the repatriation, will be included in the exchange without exception, even if they should not be in British or United States custody.

Quarto: The German Government agrees that the exchange take place at Göteborg and Smyrna, and that the seriously wounded Germans from Northwest Africa be removed from there on hospital ships of the Axis Powers.

Quinto: Prior to the repatriation, the German Government is desirous of obtaining a list of names of Germans who qualify for the repatriation, said list to show in each case the nature of the wounding, illness or other reason on the strength of which repatriation is taking place.

Sexto: The technical preparations can be advanced in such a manner that the exchange movements can take place in September. The German Government may give further information concerning the above-mentioned date, the number of persons qualified for repatriation, as well as concerning the ports from which the ships are to sail for Northwest Africa.

  1. Similar note was presented by the Swiss Legation in the United Kingdom to the British Foreign Office on September 10.
  2. Not printed.