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The British Ambassador ( Halifax ) to the Secretary of State

No. 447
Ref: 1749/54/43

His Majesty’s Ambassador presents his compliments to the Secretary of State and, with reference to the Embassy’s note No. 446 of July 10th, has the honour, upon instructions from His Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, to transmit the following additional communication on this subject.

His Majesty’s Government hope that, as a result of the exchange of views now in progress, complete agreement will shortly be reached in regard to policy. It seems to follow that the role of the proposed central organisation will be limited to the preparation of administrative arrangements on the basis of the policy agreed upon between the United States and British Commonwealth and to the carrying out of any agreement reached with Axis governments.
A permanent organisation for coordinating policy and executive action within the British Commonwealth regarding prisoners of war exists in London. The shipping arrangements required on the allied side for carrying out the proposed agreement will have to be made in London. It would therefore be most convenient to His Majesty’s Government if the proposed central organisation could be set up in London. If, however, the United States Government is unable to accept this suggestion, His Majesty’s Government will most probably agree that the working out of details shall be effected in London so far as His Majesty’s Government are concerned, and in so far as instructions require to be given A. F. H. Q.,11 Algiers, these shall be submitted to Combined Chiefs of Staff at Washington, for communication when approved to General Eisenhower.
  1. Allied Force Headquarters.