840.48 Refugees/4050: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Hayes) to the Secretary of State

1896. Portuguese Ambassador assures me his Government has no intention to stop transit of refugees. He regrets interference with the last convoy which happened because officials familiar with the matter were all absent from Lisbon and representations had been [Page 329] made to a protocol officer who adhered narrowly to literal meaning of the record.

Ambassador agrees it would be desirable for Legation, Lisbon, to send another note requesting agreement in principle to transit of refugees, but omitting any reference to numbers. We understand from you this already done. He requests following procedure be followed: Each time French in Madrid know about when they want a group to go and size of group they should inform Embassy, Madrid, which should inform Legation, Lisbon, which should request visas and other facilities. When Legation learns visas authorized he requests it notify Embassy which should notify him informally.

Ambassador points out Foreign Office divided into two sections one handling diplomatic and commercial matters with which Clarac97 undoubtedly has contact and the other handling consular matters. Refugees come under the latter section. Clarac probably has no regular contact with that section and for that reason Ambassador thinks it preferable for our Embassy and Legation to continue to make requests on refugees.

Sent to Lisbon. Repeated to Algiers and Department.

  1. A. Clarac, French Consul General at Tetuan.