840.48 Refugees/4036⅓

The British Embassy to the Department of State

Text of a telegram Received from the Foreign Office on June 30th

Following is text of a message sent by the Prime Minister to the President on June 30th.

Personal and Most Secret.


The need for assistance of refugees, in particular Jewish refugees, has not grown less since we discussed the question and all possible outlets need to be kept open. Of these the most practical still is North Africa, and I hope the difficulties over the proposed refugee camp there have now been cleared up, and that an early practical decision is now possible. Our immediate facilities for helping victims of Hitler’s anti-Jewish drive are so limited at present that the opening of the small camp proposed for the purpose of removing some of them to safety seems all the more incumbent on us, and I should be grateful if you could let me know whether it has been found possible to bring the scheme into operation. General Giraud has given the project his general approval.