840.48 Refugees/3887: Telegram

The Consul General at Algiers (Wiley) to the Secretary of State

1096. For Lehman from Murphy, from Hoehler. Reference to the Department’s number 1130 [1103]. Staff agrees that it might be desirable to set up colony here for miscellaneous refugees now in Spain. [Page 312] Discussed with Royce.80 Will discuss with French and Army and give you definite reply later. Supplies in subsistence reserve and army stores available would in our opinion meet food and clothing needs. Would attempt to add some subsistence farm and self-help features to colony. Maintenance costs 1 year for 1000 people over and above available supplies would approximate $100,000. Staff for operation would approximate $25,000 more. Sending estimated construction costs and more definite operating costs with a later wire. [Murphy and Hoehler.]

  1. Alexander B. Royce, Executive Chairman of the North African Economic Board and Director of American Economic Operations in this theatre.