811.20 Defense (M) Spain/806: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain ( Hayes ) to the Secretary of State

1399. 1. Monsieur Drouin is scheduled to arrive here Friday.

2. The terms of the memorandum intailed [initialed] in Algiers on May 16 were given the full approval of the Anglo-American Committee today and the British and American Missions have appointed their representatives on the French North African Trade Committee which will be formally set up as soon as Drouin arrives.

3. The Spanish have now nominated three vessels to pick up the 10,000 ton token shipment of rock phosphates and the appropriate data are being telegraphed NAEB. In the course of discussing these arrangements, Taberna54 inquired whether the French North African authorities had instructed Drouin to attempt to negotiate a formal, detailed, and long term arrangement, and expressed great satisfaction and relief when he learned that a procedure not dissimilar to that employed in the Anglo-American supply purchase arrangements would be followed.

Repeated to Algiers, London, Lisbon.

  1. Vicente Taberna, Director General of Economic Policy in the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.