811.20 Defense (M) Spain/755: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Algiers ( Wiley )

965. For Butterworth.

Lisbon’s no. 1015 of May 9, midnight49 (repeated to you) indicates that, because of German pressure, Portuguese may refuse to carry many materials in their own bottoms to French North Africa. We deem it important that a strong line be taken with Portuguese on this point and should like to request the Legation in Lisbon to advise the Portuguese authorities along the lines of paragraph 2 below, if you see no objection.
The Portuguese should be informed that the resumption of shipments of phosphates from French North Africa to Portugal is dependent [Page 43] upon the Portuguese ability and willingness to carry to North Africa in Portuguese bottoms materials which fall within the normal limits of previous trade between the two areas. This applies equally to the ad hoc trade as well as to the long-range program.
In the event the Portuguese indicate they will not carry certain types of goods, will Lisbon please ascertain what they are, telegraphing both Algiers and Washington.
Department understands from previous telegrams from Algiers that French would concur in position set forth in paragraph 2 above. If so, and if you agree, please telegraph Lisbon approving Legation approaching the Portuguese along those lines.
In the event Lisbon telegraphs list responsive to paragraph 3, will Algiers please telegraph whether satisfactory arrangements can be made to lift the materials in United Nations bottoms.

Repeated to Lisbon, Madrid and London as Department’s nos. 891, 1144 and 3193 respectively.

  1. Not printed.