852.48/1420: Telegram

The Ambassador in Spain (Hayes) to the Secretary of State

224. Department’s 162, January 26, noon.

We estimate from 1500 to 2000 now receiving aid of some sort. At Miranda we are giving equivalent $3.50 cash weekly as well as blankets, sweaters and gloves to approximately 600. British supplying extra rations but we have agreed to take over this responsibility as soon as Red Cross supplies arrive (my 71, January 12, 6 p.m.15). We are maintaining over 200 in hotels at Pamplona at about $2.00 a day and giving material assistance to scores of others in Pamplona prison. When these latter are released upkeep will increase to $2.00 daily. Also maintaining about 25 women and children in Madrid at same rate. Consulate Barcelona maintaining large number of persons, sending relief to over 500 in prisons and giving emergency relief to others for total expense nearly $500 daily. Consulate Bilbao maintaining about 50 at $2.00 daily. Total expense relief program therefore approximately $10,000 weekly and increasing.
Impossible to obtain exact current figures on numbers of persons in these categories as estimated several hundred still unlocated in prisons and several hundred others believed in hiding. It is estimated that from five to seven hundred a week are still crossing frontier. We are, of course, hopeful of evacuating most of these persons to North Africa when the Regime there opens its doors and the Spanish Government agrees to evacuation in larger numbers than at present.
Colonel Malaise, our liaison with French High Commission, is screening. Estimated that about 75% would pass test.
This will depend on number crossing border and facilities for release from detention and evacuation to North Africa. It is believed Joint Distribution Committee would take care of large percentage of those inadmissible to North Africa, Quakers and Red Cross might [Page 258] also help. If latter aid can be enlisted there will be no indefinite responsibility on our part.
See above.
About 2 months barring large scale transportation costs to North Africa.
British prepared to give generous help as in past. They are now spending $25,000 a month in caring for 800 refugees or average of more than $1.00 per man daily. Refugee governments take care of their own nationals with British help.

Pending allotment of sum requested I should like prompt authorization to continue expenditures at approximately present rate. I cannot over-emphasize relation of this whole problem to our war effort and desirability of not requiring the British to bear the principal burden for relieving French especially since North African campaign under our direction.

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