852.48/1415: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Spain ( Hayes )

162. Your 181 January 24. Essential that we have further information in order to consider and discuss further financial aid with budget authorities.

Do we understand that the money which you request will be used exclusively for French and American nationals?
How many do you estimate are included in group for which you propose to assume responsibility and what is the probable rate of addition to this group?
We understand that French North African officials are prepared to take military personnel and civil servants useful to the military effort. What progress has been made with regard to screening French nationals for service in North Africa? Can you estimate the total number and percentage of French refugees who might successfully pass this screening?
How many French nationals will remain who cannot be sent to North Africa? What arrangements do you propose for the care of these refugees? Is this likely to entail an indefinite responsibility on our part?
With respect to those French refugees who cannot be transported to North Africa would it be practicable to have private agencies handle the situation?
For what period would the $100,000 you have requested meet the need there?
To what extent are the British prepared to continue looking after other nationals? How many do you estimate will be cared for by the British?

Your telegrams have to some extent informed the Department of the various elements of the problem with which you are faced but it is desired that you give us a complete up-to-date picture of the situation with respect to refugees including information as to nationalities involved, numbers, possibilities for their maintenance in Spain, and estimated number of those who are continuing to pass the Franco-Spanish border. This information is desired as rapidly as possible but do not delay your answer to numbered points above pending complete report.