840.48 Refugees/3557

Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Long) to the Under Secretary of State (Welles)

Mr. Welles: Our information is that there are approximately 4,000 refugees from France now in Spain. The Red Cross has sent $25,000 to Hayes.2 He has at our suggestion received from Portugal a delegation of American relief workers who are administering relief in the camps, out of these funds under Hayes’ direction. Many of the refugees have ample funds. Governor Lehman3 has now taken over the relief phases and is attending to the Spanish situation.

Concerning the migration of refugees, the effort to get children out has not progressed well. Only 170 are reported available and only 35 are enroute to this country. Lack of transportation facilities complicates the problem.

Some four hundred adults have applied for visas and most of them will probably receive them, as several hundred cases have already been approved. They go through the regular war-time visa procedure and receive the most expeditious attention practicable.

Eisenhower4 has a representative at Madrid selecting such refugees as qualify for the war effort in Africa.

The President’s Committee (through Mr. Warren5) suggests that 1,000 go to Palestine, travelling from Lisbon to Lourenço Marques by Portuguese vessel, and that an allied vessel be provided to take them northward from Lourenço Marques. They also suggest that from 500 to 1,000 go to the relief camp at Jamaica by Portuguese vessel.

Spanish lower officialdom has not been very amenable to suggestions to free those of military age from internment camps, but the Spanish authorities appear to be committed not to return them to Germany.

The attached draft of a letter to Myron C. Taylor6 has been prepared for your consideration and possible signature.

Breckinridge Long
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