548.G1/54: Telegram

The Consul General at Hamilton ( Beck ) to the Secretary of State

139. Personal for Long from Dodds. I wish to urge personally the importance attached by the American delegates to the proposal for North Africa. Both Lucas and Bloom strongly support my recommendation and hope for early and favorable action. The place of refuge would be removed from the area of direct military action or importance. Perhaps some spot near Mogador might be feasible. The impression created by the removal from Spain all refugees but the Jews would be unfortunate and would furnish ammunition for the pressure groups and even friendly Jewish organizations and humanitarian groups. This would be a concrete example of our desire to contribute to a solution in spite of special difficulties which are recognized fully by every one. Under no circumstances would the delegates recommend British supervision of these temporary places of refuge.

Proposal for refuge in Africa under American administration appears to be only new contribution we can make that would impress public opinion as matching British measures which otherwise will monopolize attention. Consider possible military objections to area removed from war theatre will not impress interested people. [Dodds.]