548.G1/46: Telegram

The Consul General at Hamilton (Beck) to the Secretary of State

128. For Long from Dodds. On the afternoon of April 21 the question of the Balkans [Balkan refugees] in Palestine was considered. The British referred to the difficulty of transporting Jewish refugees from the Balkan States to Palestine but stated that they were prepared to fulfill the conditions of the White Paper.30 Turkish rail transport rendered this accomplishment virtually impossible of fulfillment but there are definite plans for the chartering of two Rumanian vessels which could easily handle the number involved. Mr. Law asked whether it would be possible for the American delegation to recommend that the American Government share the cost of these vessels. They were informed that it was not possible for the delegates to pledge in advance that the Congress would make available funds for any stated purpose. However, it might be possible to recommend favorable consideration of this British suggestion to the appropriate branch of the Government. [Dodds.]

  1. Presumably British Cmd. 6019: Palestine, Statement of Policy, Presented by the Secretary of State for the Colonies to Parliament, May, 1939.