548.G1/13a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Hamilton (Beck)

58. Your 88, April 6.16 For your confidential information, it has been the policy for this Government not to accept gratuitous accommodations and transportation services for delegates to meetings abroad. Please telegraph urgently whether The Horizons is a government [Page 148] operated building or a commercial hostelry at which direct arrangements could be made for accommodation of United States group. Also whether other suitable hotel facilities are available in the immediate vicinity. Department will appreciate your views on whether application of the above policy in this instance may prove embarrassing. Definite instructions will be telegraphed upon receipt of your reply.

Composition of delegation which may total 10 or 12 including advisers and stenographers not yet announced.

You will be informed of exact opening date as soon as determined.

  1. Not printed; it indicated that the Bermuda House of Assembly unanimously voted to assume cost of accommodation and transportation (inland) of delegates to forthcoming refugee conference and that the guest house, The Horizons, on south shore was to be assigned for office and living quarters (548.G1/9).