151.10/1989: Telegram

The Ambassador in China ( Gauss ) to the Secretary of State

2290. Following is substance of statement by Government spokesman November 30 on repeal of Exclusion Act: Repeal of Exclusion Act is source of profound gratification to Chinese people. Congressional action supported by President Roosevelt will remove long standing anachronisms by according Chinese citizens treatment under immigration and naturalization laws similar to that accorded citizens other friendly nations. Action taken will further strengthen mutual confidence and friendship. Results are of great moral significance and take away from Japs powerful propaganda weapon.

China Times comments action has not only corrected historic mistake but also laid foundation for real everlasting friendship between China and United States. National Herald states action will meet popular acclaim and intensify feeling friendship felt by Chinese people for American people and views step as marking end of epoch; approves sentimentality causing American people take this action and expresses opinion such sentimentality toward China exists in other nations and should be encouraged. Ta Kung Pao views action as conforming with standards of morality of United Nations; as way to spiritual disarmament of Japan by removing propaganda weapon and as attainment of justice and righteousness. Dr. Sun Fo27 in broadcast to American people stated importance of action lies in principle of equality and in cessation of discrimination against Chinese race and repeal of law has reaffirmed China’s faith in American fair play and friendship.

  1. President of Chinese Legislative Yuan.