151.10/2003a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in China (Gauss)

1819. On December 17, 1943 the President approved an Act of Congress, Public 199,28 of which Section 1 repeals the Chinese exclusion [Page 787] laws, Section 2 establishes an immigration quota for Chinese (which has been computed at 105 annually) and provides a preference of seventy-five per centum for Chinese born and resident in China, and Section 3 establishes eligibility to citizenship for Chinese persons and persons of Chinese descent.

All Chinese persons regardless of country of birth are chargeable to the Chinese racial quota except following nonquota categories: Returning permanent resident aliens Section 4 (b) Immigration Act of 1924,29 ministers or professors and their families Section 4 (d), students Section 4 (e), former American women Section 4 (f).

The term Chinese person means a person who is of as much as one-half Chinese blood and is not of as much as one-half blood of race ineligible to citizenship.

The question of eligibility to citizenship of persons having less than one-half Chinese blood and an admixture of less than one-half ineligible blood is receiving consideration. You will be instructed later regarding such persons.

The quota for Chinese will not disturb quota of 100 for China to which are chargeable aliens born in China who are eligible to citizenship under laws in force prior to this Act.

[Here follow procedural instructions.]

  1. 57 Stat. 600.
  2. Approved May 26, 1924; 43 Stat. 153.