831.6363/1350: Telegram

The Chargé in Venezuela (Flack) to the Secretary of State

1272. Lieb informed me today that he attended along with representatives in the Gulf and Shell companies, the meeting with President Medina yesterday afternoon at the latter’s request, simple announcement of which was made in today’s press.

Lieb said that the President saw each company representative separately in the presence of Dr. Manrique and the Minister of Fomento, and reiterated his Maracaibo statement adding his desire that the companies enter into conversation with Hoover22 and Curtice as soon as possible in the presence of an observer from Fomento.

Hoover and Curtice previously informed me that while initial conversations would be with the three large producing companies the smaller companies would be called and duly informed before any action affecting them would be taken. Both expressed satisfaction with the cooperation evidenced by the companies in endeavoring to assemble requested information.

  1. Herbert Hoover, Jr., engineer, president of United Geophysical Company, Inc., employed by the Venezuelan Government.