831.6363/1335: Telegram

The Ambassador in Venezuela (Corrigan) to the Secretary of State

1078. I had an interview yesterday with President Medina and discussed with him at some length the negotiations which are about to be inaugurated with the oil companies. He told me that Dr. Manrique had returned and brought with him an American technical expert. He stated that it is desired to arrive at a satisfactory settlement with the oil companies without lawsuits on [or?] public furor.

Dr. Manrique Pacanins came to the Embassy this morning to tell me of his visit to the United States and to introduce Mr. Arthur Curtice, an American engineer who has been engaged as a technical consultant to aid the Venezuelan Government in discussions with the oil companies. Curtice said he plans to be here 3 months.

Dr. Manrique is very optimistic that a satisfactory settlement will be achieved by negotiation. He told me in strictest confidence that his present plans are after about a month’s study of the situation to return to the United States for final discussion there with the heads of the companies concerned.