Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. H. Gerald Smith of the Division of Commercial Policy and Agreements

Señor Chavez and Señor Beltran called to present the Peruvian counterproposals on Schedule I of the proposed trade agreement. After reviewing the counterproposals, a copy of which is attached,36 I told the Peruvian officials that I believed they would be considered entirely unsatisfactory by the Trade Agreements Committee. We therefore went over the various items in the list and after a lengthy [Page 690] discussion, Señor Beltran agreed to recommend to Finance Minister Dasso the acceptance of our requests for improved treatment in accordance with the second list, a copy of which is attached.37

The differences between the “compromise” column in the second list attached hereto and the final list which appeared in the agreement were the result of further recommendations by the Peruvian Country Committee and the Committee on Trade Agreements, and subsequent discussions and final agreements by telephone with the Peruvian officials in Washington and with Finance Minister Dasso in New York during the early days of May [April].

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