The Department of State to the Peruvian Embassy 20


With further reference to the proposed reciprocal trade agreement between the United States and Peru, there is attached a tentative list of the tariff concessions21 desired by the Government of the United States upon products exported from the United States to Peru. This list must be considered as preliminary, subject to modification by the [Page 677] addition of further items or changes in the attached list, in the light of information received by the Government of the United States from interested persons through the submission of written briefs or by statements at the public hearings. The attached list is submitted at this time, rather than waiting until a definitive list can be submitted, in order that the preliminary discussions may be advanced as far as possible in the near future. It would be appreciated if the Government of Peru could indicate at an early date its views with regard to the list now presented.

The present list of items covers products of which imports into Peru in 1940 were valued at approximately 33,750,000 soles, or about 20 percent of total Peruvian imports from the United States of 169,261,000 soles in that year. Requests for improved tariff treatment cover products in the attached list which accounted for imports from the United States in 1940 of about 15,800,000 soles, or 9 percent of total Peruvian imports from the United States, while in the case of these items on which the concession requested is for a consolidation of existing tariff treatment, the affected products represented approximately 17,950,000 soles or about 11 percent of total imports into Peru from the United States.

  1. Handed to the Commercial Counselor of the Peruvian Embassy on January 19, 1942.
  2. Not printed.