811.20 Defense(M)Peru/64: Telegram

The Ambassador in Peru ( Norweb ) to the Secretary of State

284. Reference Department’s 227, March 18, 1 p.m. The Minister of Finance3 was favorably impressed with the proposal of the Rubber Reserve Company. Since he will arrive in Washington during the first days of April he stated that the matter will be discussed in detail with the corresponding authorities there.

His principal observations were to the effect that an over-all agreement with the United States would be preferable to a contract with any of the other American Republics; and that he will want to discuss the subject of establishing a tire factory in Peru which has been contemplated for around 2 years.

Having read the Brazilian agreement in detail Mr. Dasso this morning compared the price difference between the Peruvian offer and the Brazilian contract and expressed the wishes that the American Government study the possibility of offering Peru a contract identical with Brazil’s. He remarked further that present plans contemplate considerable shipments from the west coast of Peru and that he would like to have also this point receive consideration prior to his arrival in Washington.

  1. David Dasso.