811.20 Defense (M)8702: Telegram

The Ambassador in Panama (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

869. Your 741, August 21, 9 p.m., and Apodaca’s airmail letter to Bicknell of August 29.1 Apodaca and Seeley had a most satisfactory meeting this morning with the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Finance, the Manager of the Agricultural Bank and representatives of rubber producers. At the close of the meeting the Minister of Agriculture indicated informally that the draft memorandum of agreement enclosed with Apodaca’s letter of August 29 to Bicknell [Page 642] was acceptable to the Government of Panama. The obstacle which had existed as described at the foot of page 2 of Apodaca’s letter of August 29 is susceptible of satisfactory solution on the basis indicated in the letter: It appears that there are only about 5 tons of rubber involved which were purchased at 35 cents a pound.

Please rush authorization to submit formally the memorandum of August 29 to the Panamanian Government and for Apodaca to sign.

  1. Letter of August 29 not printed.