811.20 Defense (M)/6824: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Panama (Wilson)

469. Your 523, May 23.82 You are authorized to inform the Panamanian Government that the 33 cents per pound offered by Rubber Reserve Company for rubber in Panama will be on the same basis as that agreed on with Costa Rica.83 The Rubber Reserve offer is for castilloa of usual good quality which contemplates tolerance for moisture and foreign materials. A premium will be paid for dry sheet rubber.

Under plans now in process of execution, Rubber Reserve Company contemplates the creation of an organization to aid in the development of the rubber resources of Panama and to carry out its procurement program there, and has entered into a contract with Chicle Development Corporation providing for the purchase of rubber for the account [Page 637] of Rubber Reserve in Panama. A copy of the contract is being forwarded by airmail.84 Chicle Development Corporation’s plans are expected to go forward immediately.

  1. Not printed.
  2. For correspondence on rubber agreement with Costa Rica, see pp. 228 ff.
  3. Not printed. This corporation was to act for the Rubber Reserve Company in purchasing and developing rubber in accordance with the policy of making all possible use of existing commercial organizations (811.20 Defense (M)/6879a).