Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief of the Division of the American Republics (Bursley)

Participants: Señor Dr. Don Francisco Castillo Nájera, Mexican Ambassador;
PA/LD—Mr. Duggan;
RA—Mr. Bursley.

The Mexican Ambassador called at Mr. Duggan’s request.

Mr. Duggan stated that the Department had been giving continued attention to the question of allocation of Colorado River waters and that, in addition to various studies which had been made, representatives of the Department had attended two meetings in El Paso of the Committees of the Colorado River Basin States.

Mr. Duggan then said that during the past few days very long conferences had been held here in which Mr. Lawson and several representatives of the Basin had participated. Mr. Duggan said that despite all the data which had been assembled it still appeared that we were not quite in a position to resume discussions with the Ambassador at this end without obtaining some further technical information and for this reason he suggested a meeting at El Paso on August 31 to be attended by the American and Mexican Boundary Commissioners, one or two representatives of the Basin States and such technical experts as the Mexican Government might designate. It is desired that at this meeting there be a factual exploration of the places where Mexico would want water delivered in order that our engineers might be able to determine where canals, dams and other structures would be necessary and other technical aspects be explored informally.

This proposal seemed satisfactory to the Ambassador who stated he would communicate with his Government promptly and inform us of its decision.

Herbert S. Bursley