811.504/806: Airgram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Messersmith) to the Secretary of State

A–49. Reference Embassy’s despatch No. 2840, July 21, 1942,64 transmitting copies of an informal memorandum which formed the basis of the discussions between representatives of the Mexican Government and Messrs. Walker and Meeker of the Department of Agriculture and the Counselor of the Embassy.65

At the meeting of the above representatives this morning it was agreed that the text as transmitted in the above mentioned despatch would be acceptable to both parties with slight minor changes. Copies of the English and Spanish texts as agreed upon are transmitted herewith.64

Mr. David Meeker of the Department of Agriculture is leaving for Washington tomorrow morning and will carry with him copies of the text as enclosed. If the text meets with the approval of the Secretary of Agriculture and the Department of State, it is requested that authorization be granted me by telegraph or telephone to proceed with a simple exchange of notes between the Embassy and the Mexican Foreign Office to place the arrangement in effect.

It is also suggested that this memorandum be referred to as “an arrangement for the temporary migration of Mexican agricultural workers into the United States” in the proposed exchange of notes.

Should the Department desire to send a draft of the text of our note to the Foreign Office it is suggested that it be also sent by telegraph or telephone.

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  2. Joseph F. McGurk.
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