812.6363/7795a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Messersmith )

1650. The recommendations of the Mission of Oil Experts which relate to materials and equipment required for the repair and extension of Mexican oil refineries and for the construction of certain new plants and facilities have been approved and endorsed by this Department and steps will be taken to facilitate the priority allocations which will be necessary to secure the material. It is assumed that the Mexican Government will consult us with regard to securing the services of competent American manufacturers who are well established in this specialized field of work for the design and erection of this equipment and for training of operators if necessary, thus insuring the most efficient use of the material which is to be spared for the purpose. This Department is prepared to be of the utmost assistance in making such arrangements.

A summary of the portion of the mission’s report which relates to such plants is being forwarded to you. You are requested to transmit it to the appropriate officials with the suggestion that it be reviewed by them and that in due course they send appropriate representatives to discuss with the Department the arrangements they propose for prosecuting the work in so far as American manufacturers or contractors are concerned. This Department will arrange for securing the assistance of other agencies of this Government whenever this will be helpful.

With regard to the project for the construction of the 100 octane gasoline plant, it is our desire that negotiations for the erection and management of this plant be carried on between representatives of our two Governments. With this in view the Government agencies concerned here are now consulting with each other and should be in a position shortly to discuss the matter with the Mexican authorities.

Action to be taken on other recommendations of the Mission of Oil Experts will be determined later, at which time a copy of the complete report with essential supporting data will be furnished.