Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. Willard F. Barber of the Division of the American Republics

Participants: Mr. Warren Lee Pierson, of the Export-Import Bank, (the meeting was held in his office), Mr. Arey, Finance Minister Lacroix, Minister Dennis, Mr. Garcia of the Haitian Legation, Mr. Hooker and Mr. Barber.

The meeting held today in Mr. Pierson’s office was very brief. [Page 475] Minister Lacroix said that he had received a message from President Lescot and that the agreement which had been tentatively offered on July 10 was acceptable to President Lescot. Minister Lacroix also said that it was satisfactory to him.

Mr. Pierson stated that either a letter or a short simple contract would be prepared setting forth the arrangement. It was hoped that this document would be ready to hand Mr. Lacroix before he left Washington. Mr. Pierson inquired as to when it was thought that any funds under this credit would be needed. Mr. Lacroix replied that he thought that it might be soon, although he hoped not and he could not tell in what amounts.

Mr. Arey said that he would supply the Department with a copy of whatever document was submitted to Minister Lacroix.