The Haitian Minister for Foreign Affairs (Fombrun) to the American Minister in Haiti (White)7


Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of Your Excellency’s note of date the 13th of February, 1942, No. 351, concerning the Treaty of Commerce between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, signed the 26th of August, 1941, enclosed wherewith I found the memorandum relating thereto of the American Government,8 as also the draft of the two notes by exchange of which the Department of State proposes to establish the position of the United States.

I am happy to note that Your Excellency, in the light of the recommendations of the 18th of September, 1941, of the Inter-American Financial and Economic Consulting Committee, is willing not to invoke the disposition of the commercial agreement signed the 28th of March, 1935, between our two countries, which permit it to claim the tariff benefits accorded to the Dominican Republic, with the reserve that, if such benefits should be extended to another country, they should be immediately and unconditionally extended to the United States and also with the reserve of the rights of the American Government as regards any tariff benefits for the Dominican Republic, other than those specified in the Treaty of Commerce.

I take pleasure in sending to Your Excellency the note by which the Haitian Government requests that of the United States to consent, in the light of these considerations, not to invoke the provisions of the first paragraph of Article VII of the Commercial Agreement of March 28, 1935.

I avail myself [etc.]

  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the Minister in Haiti in his despatch No. 824, February 19; received February 21.
  2. Memorandum printed on page 461.