814.24/148: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala (Des Portes)

78. Your 27, January 22, 5 p.m. The Department has been informed by the Guatemalan Legation that it is keeping its Government [Page 435] fully advised concerning the proposal to furnish the latter military equipment to the value of $3,000,000, under the provisions of the Lend-Lease Act, and that the Minister is requesting full power to sign the basic agreement on behalf of his Government.

The conclusion of such an agreement, which now requires only the consent of the Guatemalan Government, constitutes the essential prerequisite for the delivery of this equipment for which Guatemala would pay a certain stipulated amount.

Please indicate to the Guatemalan authorities that the provisions of this contemplated agreement are the same in principle as those contained in the basic agreements6 concluded with other American republics, some of which are now belligerents, and that although this Government deeply appreciates the sincere cooperation and loyalty to the cause of hemisphere defense displayed by President Ubico, it would not seem possible, in fairness to the other republics, to make an exception in the case of Guatemala.

The War Department has prepared the list of armaments in accordance with the requests of Generals Mendoza and Sierra, and the Lend-Lease organization will take the necessary steps to procure this equipment as soon as the agreement is concluded.

  1. For draft text of basic agreement, see Foreign Relations, 1941, vol. vi, p. 139.