811.20 Defense (M)/5743a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Ecuador (Long)

157. Rubber Reserve Company64 is prepared to enter into commitment to purchase entire production of rubber in Ecuador, except appropriate amount (to be agreed upon) necessary for domestic consumption, commitment to run for period of years, at prices to be negotiated but in general designed to increase output to maximum, agreement to contain other provisions appropriate for stimulating production of wild rubber. Please consult immediately with proper Ecuadoran authorities and request their immediate consideration of proposal, details to be worked out subsequently.

For your confidential information we have been reliably informed that representatives of Argentine Government plan to approach Ecuadoran Government with offer to buy entire output. It is urgent that this production be acquired by our Government and you are requested to take all appropriate measures to that end.

  1. United States purchasing agency operating under the Department of Commerce.