822.51/1016a: Airgram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Ecuador ( Long )

A–177. For your confidential information the following memorandum covering conversations between President Arroyo63 and this Government is being given to President Arroyo:

  • “1. An agreement by the Export-Import Bank to extend credits of $1,200,000 for
    The completion of the last link in Ecuador of the Inter-American Highway between Guamote and Tambo, and
    The construction of a connecting road from Guayaquil to Tambo.
  • 2. A grant of $550,000 from the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs to be used in the smaller Ecuadoran towns, principally Cuenca and Loja and adjacent communities, for malaria control, sewage disposal, hospitals and medical care for rubber workers engaged in the rubber program in Ecuador and such other projects as may be agreed upon.
  • 3. The Inter-American Navigation Company, a subsidiary of the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, will send an expert to Ecuador to investigate the possibility of constructing a number of small wooden ships for coastwise trade.
  • 4. The possibility of expediting delivery of military equipment under the Ecuadoran Lend-Lease Agreement is being explored. Two vessels suitable for patrol purposes will shortly be assigned to the United States Naval Mission in Ecuador and will be transferred to the Ecuadoran flag as soon as adequate provision has been made for the training of Ecuadoran officers and crews.
  • 5. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is being requested to consider an invitation to the Chief of Carabineros to visit Washington for consultation regarding the extension of assistance to Ecuador for the training of the Carabinero force.
  • 6. It was agreed that two mining fellowships will be available for duly qualified Ecuadoran students, one at Louisiana State College and the other at Pennsylvania State College. The Government of the United States will pay tuition and provide maintenance of $100 per month.”

  1. President Arroyo was in Washington on the invitation of President Roosevelt.